Are your kids ready for the autumn?

Are your kids ready for the autumn?

If you want to have a good-looking child, you need to keep up with the fashion trends and to pay attention to the right combination of clothing and colors. Children are growing fast, especially the newborn ones, so the renovation of their wardrobe is a "must" on every two months. Mini Mini Store would like to share with you some great pieces of advice!

1. If your child has a slim silhouette, put an accent on it with the top of the outfit being several tons lighter than the bottom. Follow the same scenario with the baby clothes which you can find in the Mini Mini Online Store.

2.Combine different colors. It is quite normal to have more than two colors, but not too much eye irritation. For example, when one is too sparkling, and the other is barely audible. Try to balance the tones. When it comes to a baby girl or a baby boy apparel, the shades are always bright, and you cannot go wrong with the dark colors. It is getting difficult once your child is already grown up.

3. You can use background colors or a polka dot accent. The colors black, white and grey fit perfectly with all of the bright tones and will make them stand out. One of the simplest, but still beautiful combinations is grey with pink. If you love the black and white compositions, you can try polka dot pants with those colors.

4.Remember that kids are growing fast, and the main rule for shopping is to choose clothes, one size bigger than the needed. Acting in accordance with this standard ensures that your children will enjoy their outfits for a longer period.

No matter if, your child is still a baby or a grown-up kid, make it happy and choose the best outfit for it here! The Mini Mini Store has prepared the best clothing for the season!

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