Baby massage strong the bond between Babies and Moms

Baby massage strong the bond between Babies and Moms


Time used for massage can be really relaxing and enjoyable for both you and your little one. So it is a time for you to enhance the bond with your baby. This is well spend time and for sure is really beneficial for the baby. 

Before you begin, make sure Make sure the room is warm and free of draughts. Many people find that just after a bath is the best time as the baby is already undressed. Use a pure edible oil (such as, apricot or light olive oil) and avoid any oil containing nuts in case of allergies. Place the oil onto your hands, not directly onto your baby.

Use firm, smooth continuous strokes with as much of your hand as possible, for example, using the palm of your hand or flats of your fingers. If stroking on the chest, use diagonals (shoulder to opposite hip) and if stroking on the back, use long strokes down the back. Stroking can also be used on the face, head and limbs.

Baby massage is soothing and can comfortably last 10 to 30 minutes. Make sure your hands are warm and you should also remove any sharp or spiky jewellery. You might also like to wear some old clothes in case you get oil on you and have a towel handy. You can also have some soft music playing in the background.

Massaging your baby is about connecting with your child and also relaxing them. Make sure you have some time allocated where you will not be interrupted and can be done whenever fits into your routine. 

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