How to actually finish cleaning when your little baby is around

How to actually finish cleaning when your little baby is around

Spring is finally here and with the new season comes usual tasks that many of us with little ones may feel is pointless — spring cleaning.


Probably everyone with little baby know the story when cleaned something up only after 5 seconds everything that we have done had just been undone.


For sure you find yourself in the same situation… that’s why we decided to give you ideas how to cope with the mess and don’t feel discourage. Definitely cleaning with a baby can be done, it just takes a little bit of time beforehand to make it happen.

 Make it a fun game

A hamper doesn’t just have to be for dirty clothes, it’s a great organization tool. You can use hampers in kids’ rooms for specific toys. Then make a game with your kid and race to see who can get the most items into the hamper, thus he or she will help you collect all toys during the game. Use also hampers as an easy tool to help your younger children know where things go.

 Wear your baby

Wearing your baby that doesn’t want to be let down can be a great way to get cleaning done. Just make sure while you have your kids around that you are using a kid-friendly household cleaner.

 Wait till they’re sleeping to do the big stuff

Usually babies take a nap twice a day, so you can try to do all that you could with the baby around and saved the bigger projects and tasks for when your baby sleeps.

 Don’t underestimate the power of a baby wipe

You can use baby wipes for everything, not just for changing diaper. Then can help clean up messes, noses, hands, and more.


There are several things you can do when baby is going throughout their schedule for the day. For example at meal time, put baby in their high chair and bring it into the kitchen with you so that you can do the dishes or scrub the oven. That way, baby can see you, and you are getting those chores out of the way!


Cleaning, for most of us, isn’t fun — and when you have a little one around, it can be even more discouraging. But with little planning and preparation in advance you can finish your planned cleaning in no time.

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