Mother, Baby and Yoga. What are the main benefits?

Mother, Baby and Yoga. What are the main benefits?

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After nine long long months,  full with pain and uncomfortable situation, you're delighted to have a sweet baby to cuddle and love. But a new baby means a new schedule, and you may find yourself with less time to focus on your health. It's important to find an exercise regimen that is gentle enough for your body but is also challenging and exciting. Mummy and Baby Yoga will also strengthen your pelvic floor and abdominal muscles and teach you breathing techniques to help you stay calm and present in new situations.

Whether you're new to yoga or were a committed participant before you had your child, baby yoga is an excellent way to get you on a structured postnatal wellness path. "We recommend baby yoga for anyone who is looking for a healthy, playful bonding activity to do with a new baby,"

What are the main benefits for you and your little one?

Benefits for baby:baby yoga
· Strengthens and aids development
· Improved sleep patterns
· Aids digestion
· Enhanced interaction
· A balance of activity and relaxation
· Mummy & Me time

Benefits for Mum:
· Meeting & socialising with other mum's
· Helps to regain strength and maintain posture
· Tones the abdominal muscles and pelvic floor
· Nurturing oneself whilst enjoying activities with your baby
· Deep relaxation
· Baby & Me time

Is it suitable for me?

Once you are 6 weeks postnatal or 10 weeks if you have had a caesarean and until Baby is mobile. So grab that yoga mat and find a baby yoga class near you. Your body and your baby will thank you!

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