retired About Us

Who We Are.

We are a crew of engineers, designers, visionaries and artists from all over the world. Together, we formed with the intention of find and present the latest baby and children clothes to you.

We Make Quality Affordable.

As parents, we want all the best for our families. miniministore is here to prove the best doesn't have to break the bank. In addition to delivering great daily deals, we are also dedicated to our shoppers' satisfaction. In fact, we're using the latest social network and big data technologies so we can forever improve the online shopping experience. From the moment you begin browsing to your first delivery, we all care about. That's why we've adopted a rigorous three-step system to ensure each and every order meets our high quality and safety standards.

What We Cares.

Safety and quality are most importance to us. From the manufacturer to your doorstep, we go above and beyond what's legally required to ensure each product meets our high quality standards.

Where We Are.

We are based in London, United Kingdom. We mainly operate online and we don't have a physical store. This does not stop us from finding latest baby and children clothes for you on reasonable price. If you have any questions you can reach us via email or facebook.